Best to pursue the safety and convenience of users

Jerim Metal Co., Ltd., since it was established, has been endeavoring to produce the ergonomic products so that users can do stable and efficient pruning work for more than 30 years. We will be continuously with you as a company that does our best to pursue the safety and convenience of users.

Our Products

Foldaway Pruning Saws

Straight Pruning Saws

Curved Pruning Saws

Multi - USE SAW



We have spurred a development to improve the performance for the professional saws such as the pruning saw, curve saw, and high pole saw for the high position from a company that played a key role in producing the garden saw and have grown into a company that is well received by experts.

With the introduction of equipment and automation system that can produce 100,000 saws per month, we will continue to make our efforts to move forward to the company equipped with the production equipment and technology to improve the saw work to consumers and to meet the delivery they desire, going forward to become a “prepared company” that can provide the best satisfaction to the consumers.