Perfect for pruning live branches.   Unlike the straight pruning saw, its blade is not straight but little curved and conveniently used to cut the tree without applying much force.   Meanwhile, like the straight pruning saw, it is composed of a wide variety of kinds, one of which is a pole tree saw to cut the branches in the upper part of the tree.
- Sophisticated design
- Designed to minimize hand fatigue when used for a long time
- A wider array of handles   (Rubber handle, Aluminum die-casting handle, Plastic



& Rubber handle, Pipe handle)
- A variety of packing method
  (Paper case packing, Slide Blister packing, Blister compress packing)
- Re-changeable blades available
  (When the saw blade wears out, the blade can be replaced while keeping the same handle)
- Curved saw of foldable type available
- Straight saw for Telescopic pole available