In 1986, with the establishment of Boo Sung Engineering Co., Ltd., we started manufacturing various hand saws with firm committment to the enhancement of technology and accumulation of know-how. In May, 1993, the company changed its name to Jerim Metal Engineering and started exporting to various countries such as the U.S., Europe and Australia, advancing

into the worlds saw market in earnest.   Currently, we manufacture and export pruning saws, curved saws and pole tree saws and is equipped with an annual production capacity of 100,000 units.

  Our company boasts of production capacity that matches world-class companies. In addition, ceaseless R&D efforts with the help of various institutions such as Korea Institute of Design Promotion have resulted in a wide array of designs for saw handles

* Assembly Part *

* Grinding Part *

that can satisfy the needs of customers around the world. This has enabled us to have the competitiveness required for the new ‘era of design competition’, moving away from the past era of quality and price competition. Our ergonomic design that promotes the safety and convenience of users has enabled us to register eight utility models and ten designs.


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  **  Impulse Hardening Machine for saw blade

# Characteristics of Impulse Hardening


  Improving the resistance of saw blade by impulse hardening the surface of the edge of saw blade in a short period of time.


 As a result of impulse hardening, the hardness of saw blade will be increased from H.R.C 50 to H.R.C.  76, a hardness that can last for at least three times longer.

  **  CNC Automatic Grinder for Saw Blade

  The conventional semi-automatic grinders were inconvenient because each saw blade had to be taken out and a new one had to be fed into the machine manually. However, this machine automatically takes care of this process, which does not only lead to productivity gains, but also grinding around the clock, leading to a reduction in labor cost and material cost. In short, you can catch three birds with one stone!

   # Characteristics of the machine
       The Impuls-H2000 Machine we have is the latest model by IMPULS, a German company. Rather than using the natural cooling mode, the machine improves weak-resistance by using a quick hardening machine at -20° to achieve a hardening of HV 1000~1050.

  **  Automatic Saw Blade Coating Machine

  In the past, we manually painted oil on saw blades to prevent the saw from gathering rust. However, such a method decreases work efficiency and productivity. Accordingly, we have designed and manufactured an automatic saw blade coating machine to reduce the two-stage manual process of cleansing the saw blade and paining oil to one automatic coating. This has enabled us to increase work efficiency and more importantly, prevent the saw from going rusty.



  June, 1986

  Boo sung Engineering Co., Ltd. was established.

  May, 1993

  Jerim Metal Engineering was registered as an international
  trade business

  October, 1993

  Factory No. 2 was contructed

  June, 1997

  Achieved an annual One million US dollar worth of export

  March, 1998

  Selected as an export-leading business
  ( by Daegu Metropolitan City, Korea )

  August, 1998

  Designated as a venture company
  ( by Small & Medium Business Administration, Korea )

  March, 1999

  Selected as a promising small- and medium-size business
  for export       ( by Small and Medium Industry Promotion
  Corporation, Korea)

  December, 1999

  Selected as a promising SME
  ( by Korea Institute of Industrial Technology )

  April, 2000

  Selected as a promising high-tech company
  ( by Small & Medium Business Administration, Korea )

  June,  2000

  Selected as a promising SME
  ( by Kookmin Bank, Korea )

  July, 2000

  Factory expanded and moved to current place

  September, 2001

  Acquired certificate of registration
  ( by Zurich Certificaton Limited )

  November, 2001

  Received an award as promising SME

  November, 2001

  Selected as a leading business
  ( by Daegu Metropolitan City, Korea )

  February, 2002

  Selected as an export-leading business
  ( by Small & Medium Business Administration, Korea )

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